Changing the
sushi game.

At Sushi X, we take pride in our work and despite years of success—still deep in the honing process. A passion for bringing the best Japanese-inspired food  to all communities is our goal— we strive for nothing less!

With a ten-year pedigree in Japanese cooking under our belts, in 2002, we embarked on a journey to bring Japanese-inspired cuisines to Chicago. One year later, we opened Sushi X, the first restaurant in Chicago solely focused on providing high quality sushi via delivery. Now that focus have expanded to all aspects of our dining experience.

Our goals for providing a great dining experience can be summed up as fun & exciting, delicious, and affordable. Maintaining these goals, however, requires excellence in service, creativity and a crew of ambitious and hard working people who are passionate about innovation in both the culinary and business arts.



Our staff strive for excellence in service providing knowledge and experience about our cuisines.



We always look for fun, creative and innovative cuisines to excite your taste buds.


Hard work

Passion for making great sushi and more are at the core of our ambitious team.

For over 20 years we have grown our sushi loving community. Implemented a dynamic dining area, trained numerous chefs, hosted and catered thousands of exciting events, all the while staying hugely popular in our flourishing West Loop/West Town neighborhood. Thanks to all your support, we continue to expand our reach to bring Japanese-inspired cuisines and the love of sushi to every community!

Milwaukee and Chicago Ave • West Town

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Store Hours: 

LUNCH: MON - Fri : 11am to 2pm
Dinner: MON - THURS & SUN : 5pm to 10pm
                    Friday & SATURDAY : 5pm to 11pm